MACA Tolbo

MACA published its first issue of the Mongol Tolbo in November 1993.  The name refers to the blue birthmark with which Mongols are born, which has formed the basis for many legends. The publication served as a means for MACA to distribute current news and articles related to the Mongol people and their culture and history. The newsletter was also a vehicle for MACA members to express their opinions and feelings about issues relevant to the Mongol-American community.

In an effort to expand the reach of the original “Mongol Tolbo”, the printed version has been replaced by the  “eTolbo”, a completely electronic publication.  Cultural articles and current events are accessible via the MACA website's eTolbo section. Readers will once again be encouraged to submit their comments and articles related to the Mongol community in the United States and elsewhere for posting. Through the eTolbo, MACA continues its mission of preserving and promoting Mongol culture with a view towards strengthening ties among Mongol groups from all parts of the world.

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