About MACA

Mission Statement for the Mongol American Cultural Association

The Mongol American Cultural Association (MACA) was founded in 1988, and formally incorporated in 1992, as a 501-C-3 private, non-profit, non-political organization. The association has two essential purposes: 1. providing charitable and humanitarian support to Mongolia, where Mongolia is understood in its broadest sense, as those areas of the world inhabited by Mongol peoples and 2. promoting and preserving Mongol culture in the United States. The first is achieved through the Mongolian Children’s Aid and Development Fund (MCADF), which uses publicly donated monies to find innovative means to support children’s institutions, orphans and other deserving groups in Mongolia. The second is achieved through various public cultural programs and a website which contains information and links related to current events and the culture of Mongolia. Both of these purposes are also achieved through modest grants to deserving students and scholars.

Membership is open to individuals and institutions who share a common interest with the aims of the association. The association's annual meeting is held in conjunction with the annual Chinggis Khan ceremony, held during the fall season of each year. MACA is operated by a Board of Directors, who donate their time and receive no compensation. There is no paid staff.


MACA Board of Directors Advisory Board to MCADF
Sanj Altan James A. Baker III (Honorary)
Chinggeltu Borjiged Tony Ettinger (Chairman)
Palgi Gyamcho Howard Roth
Enghe Chimood Ken Posner
Chagaan Baatar