Mission Background for the Mongolian Children's Aid & Development Fund

In 1989, Mongolia embarked on the road to democracy and becoming a truly free country. After nearly seventy years of communism, Mongolia has moved towards a free-market economy. In the long term, the prospects for Mongolia's success are great, due to its wealth in natural resources, literate population and position to supply the growing Asian economy. In the short term, however, Mongolia is experiencing difficulties in both economic and social spheres and depends to a large extent on external aid to see her through this critical period. Sandwiched between two giants, Mongolia looks to the United States for friendship and guidance to continue its path to success.

MACA has been involved in charitable and humanitarian efforts for Mongolia since 1987. The MCADF was established because the board members of MACA believed that the key to Mongolia's future is its children and their education. It is devoted to providing support to orphangages, schools, libraries, hospitals, and scholarships to deserving students from Mongolia. The government of Mongolia has endorsed the fund to help Mongolia build a humane, democratic and flourishing society.

All who work for MCADF are volunteers and over 95% of the fund's donations have gone directly to its efforts to help better Mongolia's future, which have included support for Mongolian orphanages and hospitals.

Cash donations in U.S. dollars go a long way in Mongolia. Mongolia's needs in computer hardware and software, nutritional and medical supplies, educational books, materials, and equipment are also critical. Because of these needs, the MCADF welcomes the monetary and material support of all and accepts donations of cash, check by mail, goods, services, or any other kinds of help. Please refer to the donation or contact us sections for further information.

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