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Please join us for a lecture on

Colonel General Lkhagvasuren Jamyan, Hero of Mongolia

by Gerelt Chibaatar


Wednesday, March 21, 2012 at 7 PM

Kelly School of Business, Room 111
Indiana University
1275 East Tenth Street
Bloomington, Indiana

Lkhagvasuren Jamyan was born on March 16, 1912 in the Bulgan province of Mongolia. He started his military service as a soldier at 20 years old and ended as a Colonel General of the Mongolian Army.

Gerelt Chibaatar, Lkhagvasuren’s grandson, will talk about “Zaluu Janjin,” the “Young Commander’s,” victory in the battle of Khalkhin Gol during WWII, and the many important appointments and awards Lkhagvasuren received during his lifetime, including 13 Mongolian and eight (8) foreign highest state and military orders, and 13 Mongolian and 11 foreign honor medals. He was also awarded the title of Hero of Mongolia.

Click here to view a letter from MACA president Sanj Altan to the descendants of Lkhagvasuren.

Sponsored by:

The Mongolia Society
Mongol American Cultural Association
The Department of Central Eurasian Studies
Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource Center