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Letter from The Mongolia Society to MACA

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Dear Dr. Sanj Altan, President of Mongol-American Cultural Association,

On behalf of The Mongolia Society of Bloomington, Indiana I wish to extend our congratulations and greetings to you personally, your Association’s members, and all the attendees at this year’s 25th Annual Chinggis Khaan Memorial Ceremony.  The ceremony you are re-enacting today was developed by one of your organization’s founders who was also The Mongolia Society’s founder, the esteemed scholar, Mongolian patriot, and promoter of Mongolian-American friendship, Dr. Gombojab Hangin.  Certainly his spirit is with you for this celebration today.

As you may know, the Office of the President of Mongolia and the Mongolian Parliament this week confirmed that November 14 will be considered the birthday and official holiday observance to honor the father of all the Mongol peoples, Chinggis Khaan.  How appropriate this first holiday observance will be on the 850th anniversary of Chinggis Khaan’s birth!  This makes the performance of this year’s 25th anniversary MACA Chinggis Khaan ceremony all the more significant and meaningful.

This anniversary is also a very excellent time for us to step back and consider the many key contributions of MACA, and especially its tireless leader, Sanj Altan, to the growth of Mongolian community spirit throughout the past quarter century.  Sanj has devoted his life and heart to his people and culture, and been a vital force in bringing the story and glory of Mongolia’s heritage to the attention of the American people.  He has been generous in giving the credit to the other early founders, but we must recognize that it is he who carried MACA to ever growing success and relevance.  For this, we especially thank him. 

Sanj has been a close friend to The Mongolia Society and supported with words, actions, and his pocketbook the activities of the Society.  For that, as well as for his selfless contributions to bringing Mongols of all tribes and lands together out of respect for their unique culture, we at The Mongolia Society honor him.  And, we honor all of you on the MACA board and supporters of its educational, charitable and cultural missions in the United States and the homeland for your 25 years of work. 

MACA from its beginning emphasized the special place of Chinggis Khaan in the hearts of Mongol-blooded people and how his heroic image and accomplishments could be a source of uniting the various Mongol-speaking people of the world, particularly those now living in the US.  It is a source of great pride to The Mongolia Society and MACA that Chinggis Khaan’s reputation within his own community as well as for others in the US is burning brighter and brighter.  This has come about in great measure because of the principles of democracy and free speech now practiced in the independent Mongolian homeland.  However, it is appropriate that we note with great concern that in Southern Mongolia, where the Ezen Khoroo commemoration of Chinggis Khaan developed and became the inspiration for what we see today, the culture and heritage of Mongols is under assault and Chinggis Khaan’s image is being twisted for false political purposes.  How ironic and sad that as Chinggis Khaan’s homeland and dispersed Mongol peoples in other nations are growing in knowledge and pride in their national founder, their Mongol cousins in some countries from China to Pakistan and Afghanistan are suffering and under attack.  MACA has always been a voice of freedom and justice for all Mongols and has emphasized cultural commonality and unity among Mongols in the US.  We applaud their noble efforts.

Once again The Mongolia Society congratulates MACA on perpetuating Mongolian cultural values and promoting the rituals of the Chinggis Khaan Memorial Ceremony during the last 25 years.  Our very best wishes for continued success!  Best of health and happiness to MACA President Sanj Altan and all MACA supporters.  We look forward to many more years of cooperation.

On behalf of the Society, a check has been presented to MACA through Dr. Altan.  A matching check from my own Chinggis Khan Foundation private charity also has been given to MACA in support of the 25th anniversary memorial ceremony.  May this day been full of wonderful memories for our many friends!


Dr. Alicia Campi, President, The Mongolia Society and
President, Chinggis Khan Foundation

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