eTolbo: June 2014

The 50th Annual Memorial Service for His Holiness Dilowa Gegen Hutugtu

The 50th Annual Memorial Service for His Holiness Dilowa Gegen Hutugtu was held on Sunday, May 25th, 2014 at Nitsan Temple in Howel, New Jersey. The event was sponsored by the DHMS Fund, which was established by the late Venerable Jambal Dorji Guai, the Mongol American Cultural Association, and the Gyamcho family. It was presided by Xhambo Lam Ven. Geshe Yonden Gyamtso and attended by monks from Nitsan Monastery, Tashi Lumbu Monastery, Tashi Gempheling Monastery, Saint Zonkava Monastery in Philadelphia, and other guest monks from around the United States.

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Reader Submissions

Many thanks again to our reader Khishigsuren Vaughn, a doctorate candidate in linguistics from Ulaanbaatar University in Mongolia, for contributing another one of her well-written papers to the eTolbo. We welcome submissions from all of our readers, so if you have anything you wish to share, please contact MACA through email indicating your interest, and we will respond to you as soon as possible!

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Core Strength Within Mongol Diaspora Communities

Written and Submitted by Khishigsuren Vaughn

Excerpt: "Resilient character, most endurable survival instinct, faith in their ancestral spirits, worship of Chinghis Khaan and Tengrism, the primary belief system in Mongol nomadic civilization, are all serve as internal strength for Mongol Diaspora. This is an unorthodox concept for the Diaspora study and left outside of the frame of the classic theory."

[To view the full essay, click here]

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A Piece About MACA Founder Tsorj Lama (Traditional Mongolian)